Council Members at Indian Point

On March 10, 2015 three members of the Common Council visited the Entergy Indian Point nuclear power facility.  After a personal background check, we were given an informative tour providing an opportunity to learn and ask questions about the mechanics of the electrical generator, safety and possible emergency response in the event of a radiological accident or event.  There are impressive security measures established including many rows of barbed wire, cameras, guard posts and heavily armed ex-military personnel, along with other capabilities which are not shared with the public.  The plant is designed to automatically shut down in case of a malfunction.

We learned that 25% of the power delivered to NYC and the lower Hudson Valley is produced here.

The radioactive rods are submerged in water and we actually viewed them in an astonishingly clean industrial operation deep within the interior of the plant.  We learned about storage of the spent rods and were informed that the onsite metal and concrete canisters have been tested with fire and impact studies in which a train was driven into a canister with the collision causing no damage or hazard.

We addressed the much discussed fault line and were informed that the fault is “dead”, meaning that it is not an active fault line and the plant is designed to withstand this issue.

We also discussed the water temperature and learned that the intake of Hudson River water is about 1.7% of the water that flows past the plant during tidal exchange and the plant operates within the framework of a NYS DEC 401 Water Quality Certificate.  The plant uses water from the river to condense steam into water and adds heat to that river water.  Within a few hundred yards of where water is discharged back into the river, the temperature cannot be more that 4 degrees warmer from where it was taken from the river at the units intake structure.  Calculations regarding dead fish are often measured by potential fish eggs or larva which necessarily increases the calculations. We were informed that a more realistic calculation would forecast the actual number of larva destined to become live fish.

The federal Nuclear Regulatory Commission inspects the site but New York State governs the Hudson River.  There are conflicting issues between the two governmental bodies.

There is a 10 mile radius around the plant that is considered to be a warning zone requiring notice in the event of a public hazard.  A recent review recommended increasing that radius to 50 miles.    Based upon public safety concerns, I suggested that our White Plains Hospital also be notified so that preparations for emergency treatment could be made to accommodate anyone needing decontamination.  We will continue the conversation with the emergency response team in this regard.

Our representative from Entergy, Jerry Nappi said, “We appreciate the City of White Plains Common Councilmembers taking time to visit and learn more about Indian Point, which provides about 25% of the electricity used in Westchester and New York City.  Entergy, the owner of Indian Point, has invested more than $1 billion in equipment to strengthen and enhance reliability and safety over the last few years, and the plant has received the federal Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s top safety rating for the fifth consecutive year.  We look forward to continuing a dialogue with the Common Councilmembers and appreciate their interest in this important facility.”

This was a very good experience for all.  I will be following up and keeping you posted.

Dennis Krolian


The Annual Holiday Party

“We are always happy to host the annual Democratic City Committee Holiday Party as well as fundraisers for our candidates. Ellie and I look forward to continuing the tradition and we hope to welcome you and your family and friends here again in 2015. The event is a success because you come eager to share in the camaraderie and festivities. We appreciate that without you, none of this happens.

Thanks to All, Dennis & Ellie”

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